Certified Pediatric Neuropsychologists In North Carolina                                                                           

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Antonio E. Puente, Ph.D., ABPdN

1508 Military Cutoff Road

Suite 303 Wilmington, NC 28403

tel- 910.509.9371

fax- 910.509.9372

Email: clinicalneuropsychology@gmail.com







I was born in Cuba and received degrees from the University of Florida (BA) and the University of Georgia (MS, PhD). I am Past-President of the North Carolina Psychological Association, North Carolina Psychological Foundation, National Academy of Neuropsychology, Society for Clinical Neuropsychology (40) and Hispanic Neuropsychological Society. I also served two terms as a Council Representative (40). Other leadership positions I've held include chair of the Psychology Academy of the National Academies of Practice and several APA Boards and Committees ranging from the Board of Convention Affairs to the Committee for Psychological Tests and Assessments as well as served on 10 others, including the Policy and Planning Board. I recently served on the Joint Committee for Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing.


Since 1982, I've maintained a private practice (clinical neuropsychology). Between 1993 and 2008, I was APA's representative to the American Medical Association's Current Procedural Terminology panel and was then elected to the Editorial Panel of the CPT (voting member). I also was on the Center for Medicare and Medicaid's Medicare Coverage Advisory Committee.