Certified Pediatric Neuropsychologists In British Columbia

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Jennifer Engle, Ph.D., ABPdN

BC Children’s Hospital

Department of Psychology

950 West 28th Avenue

Vancouver, BC

V5Z 4H4 (604) 875-2345


Email: jengle@cw.bc.ca


Dr. Jennifer Engle completed her PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Victoria (neuropsychology track) in 2009. She completed an APA and CPA accredited internship at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Ontario, with specialization in neuropsychology. She has been licensed to practice psychology in British Columbia since 2010. 


Dr. Engle currently practices neuropsychology at British Columbia Children’s Hospital, serving children with a wide variety medical and neurological conditions. She has extensive experience assessing complex children, including children with multiple disabilities, visual impairments, and children who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing.