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Melinda Warner, Ed.D, ABPdN

Private Practice

50 Palmer Street


Salem, MA 01970-4968











Dr. Melinda Warner specializes in the evaluation and treatment of children who are at high risk due to developmental issues or the medical circumstances of their birth -- prematurity, neonatal complications, failure to thrive, genetic syndromes, neonatal stroke, etc. She treats a broad range of children, generally beginning when they are quite young (sometimes as young as six months old or less) and continuing to work with the child and family through the high school years. Dr. Warner sees patients who are medically fragile, struggle with autism spectrum disorders, and/or or suffer from significant psychiatric illnesses.


Dr. Warner believes deeply in a multidisciplinary approach to evaluation and treatment and works in hospital, school and home-based settings, depending upon the needs of the child, family and the other systems in which they are embedded. She works closely with Early Intervention, Head Start, private childcare programs, schools, medical teams, other care providers and, of course, parents.


Dr. Warner has been a member of the medical staff at North Shore Medical Center/North Shore Children’s Hospital in Salem, MA and at The Cambridge Health Alliance in Cambridge and Medford, MA. She was the founding neuropsychologist in the High-Risk Infant Follow-Up Clinic at NSCH and a Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School. Her duties have included leading multidisciplinary evaluations of children with complex medical, psychosocial and neuropsychological issues, as well as conducting independent neuropsychological evaluations and supervising post-doctoral fellows and medical residents and interns.


Dr. Warner’s private practice includes consulting and conducting neuropsychological evaluations for urban and suburban preschools and public school systems in addition to seeing individual private patients for psychotherapy. She is a knowledgeable, captivating speaker who has presented nationally and internationally on such topics as the effects of trauma and neglect on children and adolescents; cross-cultural testing; the assessment of social-emotional growth in infants and toddlers; and ethical issues in the wake of natural disasters. Dr. Warner has taught interviewing techniques to journalists and post-doctoral fellows.


Dr. Warner received her BA in Psychology from Bates College (1980) and her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Massachusetts at Boston (1987). She trained at Tufts-New England Medical Center and Atlanticare Medical Center (Lynn, MA) before earning her doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Boston University in 1991.


She has been a licensed psychologist in Massachusetts since 1992 and in New Hampshire since 1996. Her current research and publications have centered on the issues of work with other mental health professionals who live and work in areas ravaged by natural disasters and on the effects of multiple concussions on developing brains. She belongs to multiple divisions of APA, as well as to the MA, NH and MN psychological associations, and has been active on multiple governance committees in NH.