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Steven J. Couvillion, PhD, ABPDN, HSPP  

Health Associates
9240 N. Meridian St, suite 320
Indianapolis, IN 46220

Ph: 317-409-4797








Dr. Steven Couvillion earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Florida State University in 1975. His pre-doctoral internship at LaRue Carter Hospital in Indianapolis, IN, specialized in children and adolescents.  Then, as a faculty member of the Pediatrics Department at IN U Medical Center, he developed and trained pediatric residents, Mental Health workers in a novel Behavioral, familybased intervention program treating many types of special needs children.


In 1975, Dr. Couvillion became Director of Child and Adolescent Services for a six county Mental Health Center in South Georgia. He and his teams established programs utilizing consultations with schools, welfare departments and juvenile courts. They provided services to many families of outpatient populations in a newly established CMHC.  In 1978, Dr. Couvillion returned with his wife and family to Indianapolis, IN and completed a 2-year post-doctoral program in Pediatric Neuropsychology at the I.U. Medical Center, supervised by Dr. Kathleen FitzhughBell. (This was one of the first Peds Post-Doctoral trainings in the US).


Since 1981, Dr. Couvillion, along with his staff of 10 psychologists, provided pediatric neuropsychology and a broad range of services to central Indiana in his private practice, Professional Psychological Services. He specialized in working with children with learning disabilities, ADHD, developmental and genetic disorders, autism and conduct and emotional problems. He served as a consultant to school districts for training school psychologists and special education teachers and instructing classroom teachers on appropriate intervention for children with special needs. Dr. Couvillion has been appointed by the courts as a special mediator for families with children having special needs, particularly during divorce, adoption, or other civil proceedings. He was appointed by Governor Evan Bayh to the Indiana State Mental Health Commission for five years. 


Through most of his career, Dr. Couvillion has been a Board Member of the IN Psychological Association, holding the offices of Membership Chairman, Political Action Chairman, and BOPsN network Representative to APA. He has given many presentations to the IPA members for continuing education credits, along with presentations in conjunction with the Indiana Bar Association, Medical Training residencies, school psychologists and special education faculties. The IN Psychological Association presented him the GORDON A. BARROWS AWARD  For Distinguished Contributions to Psychology over a Lifetime.


Dr. Steve Couvillion’s current practice focuses on Forensic Evaluations and consultation and treatment of difficult cases. He consults with numerous police jurisdictions.  He is a licensed psychologist in Indiana, a member of the APA, and a member of the NAN since 1983.  He is privileged to be married to psychologist  Dr. Patricia Couvillion. Besides his professional work, golf, woodworking and consulting, he enjoys visiting their four sons living throughout the United States. Dr. Couvillion takes particular delight in being the first Cajun speaking member of the American Board of Pediatric Neuropsychology.