Certified Pediatric Neuropsychologists In Colorado

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Steven G. Gray, Ph.D., ABPdN

Gray Neuropsychology Associates, PC


General Mailing:

18695 Shiloh Ranch Drive, Suite 202

Black Forest, Colorado 80908


Pikes Peak Location:

627 North Weber Street, Suite 4A

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903


Southern Colorado Location:

301 Colorado Avenue

Pueblo, Colorado 84001


General Office Phone: (719) 487-1760

General Office Fax: (719) 487-1755

E-Mail: graymatter@grayneuro.com

Website: www.grayneuro.com    

Dr. Gray has over 40 years of clinical experience in the mental health field, providing assessment and treatment to a broad range of populations across the life span in medical facilities, private offices, university clinics, and schools. His specialty is the diagnosis and treatment of complex individuals presenting with numerous comorbidities, especially among children and adolescents.  He holds a psychology licensure in the state of Colorado.


Specialty areas include: Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation, Pediatric Hypoxia, Pediatric Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Post-Traumatic Traffic Anxiety, and Reactive Attachment Disorder/developmental trauma.


Dr. Gray has taught at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels at: Texas A&M

University- Mount Pleasant, University of North Texas, University of the Rockies, and University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center where he has been a Clinical Assistant Professor 1988. 


In terms of scientific endeavors, Dr. Gray currently has eighteen peer-reviewed publications (original research, abstracts, and book chapters pertaining to neuropsychology, behavioral medicine, and adoption medicine). He also has thirty published articles for the lay public on developmental trauma, PTSD, and behavioral medicine. In addition to two books, Dr. Gray co-authored a neuropsychological assessment battery in 1991 for the blind and visually impaired population: The Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation System. Please see www.grayneuro.com for  specific references related to Dr. Gray’s publications.


Dr. Gray has extensively offered professional seminars on a wide range of neuropsychological and mental health topics throughout the years, across the nation as well as Canada and Puerto Rico. 


Forensic involvement is another aspect of Dr. Gray’s practice (civil tort, as well as criminal). He has given many depositions over the years, having testified on numerous occasions in county, district, and federal court – striving to communicate complicated neuropsychological and neurobiological concepts in lay vernacular. 


Dr. Gray has been married to Deborah Garner Gray for 39 years. They are proud parents of an adult son, Forrest. The great outdoors of Colorado supply ample hiking and recreational opportunities for the family. They have derived much joy over the years in having adopted numerous, precious rescue dogs. 


Dr. Gray is an ordained deacon. He and his wife are members of First Christian Church of Colorado Springs where he is a member of the chancel choir. 


 Education and Training: 

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Baylor University (1971-1975)


Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, Texas A&M University-Commerce (1975-1976)

Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy, Texas A&M University-Commerce (1976-1977)

Doctor of Philosophy in Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology, University of North Texas   (1979-1982) – APA-Designated  

Clinical Psychology Internship, University of Nebraska Medical Center (1982-1983) – APA-Approved

Clinical Neuropsychology Fellowship, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (1987-1992)