Certified Pediatric Neuropsychologists In Oregon

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Trevor A. Hall, PsyD, ABPdN

Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Co-Training Director, Psychology


Clinical Psychologist | Pediatric



Pediatric Critical Care & Neurotrauma

Recovery Program

PCCNRP |  http://www.ohsu.edu/pncc

Doernbecher Children’s Hospital

Oregon Health & Science University


707 SW Gaines Street

Portland, Oregon 97239

Office: (503) 418-2134 

Fax: (503) 494-6868


Dr. Hall is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) and the Co-Training Director of Psychology Fellowships within the Division of Pediatric Psychology at OHSU’s Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. Dr. Hall is the lead neuropsychologist in the OHSU Pediatric Critical Care & Neurotrauma Recovery Program (a follow-up program for children and adolescents with brain injuries and illnesses that required intensive care unit admission; http://www.ohsu.edu/pncc). 


Dr. Hall received his doctorate in clinical psychology from George Fox

University.  He then completed internship and postdoctoral fellowship trining at the Child Development and Rehabilitation Center (CDRC) at OHSU.  Dr. Hall is also an alum of the OHSU Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Program.